Guide to understanding remote worker impact on your VPN

Version 1
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    This guide is a companion to the Manage network capacity to support remote workers webinar that we recently delivered. It's intended to be a step-by-step guide to reproduce the analysis that BMC IT performed on our own VPN traffic to determine the impact of the surge of remote workers due to COVID-19. We hope you find it useful and we welcome feedback, corrections, adds, etc. Please also share your own strategies if they differ for the broader community.


    Getting started

    Remote worker impact on your VPN: Getting started

    Determine your 'as-is' state

    As-is Step 1: Collect metrics

    As-is Step 2: Visualize and understand your current activity

    Correlate active sessions against output bit rate

    Correlate Step 1: Create a filter for your VPN entities

    Correlate Step 2: Create a performance v performance analysis

    Correlate Step 3: Add metrics

    Correlate Step 4: Create an extrapolation model

    Correlate Step 5: Add a scenario

    Model business continuity scenarios

    Model Step 1: Visualize usage by region

    Model Step 2: Create a performance vs time analysis

    Model Step 3: Create a forecast model

    Model Step 4: Create a forecast scenario

    Model Step 5: Create what-if scenarios