TSSA: Common Error Messages in CentOS (VPC) Patching

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      What are some common error messages from CentOS (VPC) Patching ? 




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    This section describes error messages seen running CentOS Patching. The error messages are found in various places. Some error messages may be general in which case another place will be suggested to inspect. It is recommended to run the job with the debug parameter set to 1 to capture all possible information.

    During analysis, a BlPackage is generated that contains the repository metadata and then analysis is performed via the Deploy of this BlPackage.  Normally this is deleted after analysis completes.  Setting the debug parameter to 1 prevents the job and package from being deleted.  Each is left in a ScratchPad folder in the workspace.  You can then inspect the Job run log for errors that may not show up in the parent Patching (NSH Script) job run log.



    ERROR: could not open <bladelogic>/patch/linuxpu/Work/<hex_value>/<target>/blres.yum.srun for reading: [No such file or directory]
    Cannot gather results from Yum run.
    Analysis failed on host <target>, check the <target> log for more details.


    This error indicates that yum failed to execute; check //<target>/var/bladelogic/<hex_value>/linux-analyze.sh.output for more information.


    No Analysis Data Found. There was no analysis done , you must first perform analysis before performing packaging.Skipping Packaging


    This is a general error message, and chances are there is another more meaningful error message present in the log.


    INFO: Cannot find any server of type <ARCH>
    ERROR: No repositories specified, relevant to the target of type <TARGET_ARCH>


    ARCH - Architecture string of the repository specified in the <bladelogic>/patch/linuxpu/Work/linuxpu.conf
    TARGET_ARCH - Hardware architecture of the target
    The INFO piece is served for informational purposes. It means that the repository with this ARCH will not be used during given Patch Analysis Job. This is ok provided that other repositories are used in the Job with applicable ARCH.


    The ERROR message indicates that no valid repository (architecture wise) was found for the Patch Analysis Job. 


    If the repository is valid, however, then there is a mismatch between ARCH and TARGET_ARCH. To resolve the problem set ARCH to TARGET_ARCH in linuxrepo.conf.


    Repo tag <repo_tag> not defined in the Repo tag file <bladelogic>/patch/linuxpu/Work/linuxrepo.conf
    This error message indicates that the <repo_tag> value in -l parameter of the Patch Analysis Job cannot be found as a valid repo tag in linuxrepo.conf file. To resolve the issue, check repo tags in the linuxpu.conf and set the -l parameter correctly.


    Repo tag <repo_tag> with nsh path //<path_to_repo> is not accessible.
    YUM-ERROR: Error: Cannot access repository dir <path_to_repo>

    This error message indicates that the repo path is either not valid or the CentOS repository helper server is offline. Check the server and check the path syntax in <bladelogic>/patch/linuxpu/Work/linuxrepo.conf


    cp: Unable to access file //<path_repository>/repodata/<file>: No such file or directory
    This error indicates that the metadata file(s) to run the analysis cannot be found for the given repository. There are few scenarios that would result with this error:
    - ACL issue with the agent on the Linux Repository helper system. Make sure the Role:User is mapped to root and files have correct permissions.
    - The repo path in <bladelogic>/patch/linuxpu/Work/linuxrepo.conf does not match the repo path used during yummification process. Make sure all RPMs reside in a single flat directory, and if necessary, consolidate all RPMs into one folder, then reyummify the repository.


    Failed deploy job is: Linux <ARCH> Analysis Job
    Error: com.bladelogic.mfw.util.NotFoundException: job run with id 0 not found

    This is a general error message, and it indicates that the auto-generated ScratchPad Deploy Job failed. The Deploy Job would be in ScratchPad/<Prefix> folder. In the Analysis Job log there will be: Prefix = xxxxx-<hostname>. For further information review the Deploy Job log.


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