How to configure a F5 load balancer for App Visibility Portal and App Visibility Collector in High Availability (HA) mode?

Version 6
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    TrueSight App Visibility Manager Server


    App Visibility Portal


    App Visibility Portal version 10.5.00 and later App Visibility Collector version 10.5.00 and later F5 Load Balancer



    When using a F5 load balancer for the App Visibility Portal and App Visibility Collector in HA mode, what are the steps to configure the F5 load balancer?




    BMC does not provide the steps on how to configure their F5 load balancer nor perform the actual configuration as the load balancer is not part of the BMC product suite.  This task will need to be performed by the F5 load balancer administrator.

    BMC can only offer a suggestion or advice on how the configuration should be for the F5 load balancer.  See the attachment in this Knowledge Article or see the following link for that suggestion:


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