BMC Atrium Core CMDB - The Reconciliation is not changing Value of a field If is set to NULL.

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    The Reconciliation Job is not changing a Value of an Attribute/Field If is SET to NULL.

    LP: BMC Atrium CMDB Suite / BMC Atrium Core - CMDB
    DR: BMC Atrium Core


    • The customer is using the spreadsheets and data management tool to create and update Assets. Everything is working OK, but if they reset a field to NULL in the spreadsheet, it loads correctly in the import/staging dataset but when they run the Reconciliation Job, the field does not get set to NULL in the BMC.ASSET dataset, the original value is still in the BMC.ASSET dataset.

    Issue Summary: Reconciling NULL values



    Defer If NULL is set to Yes in the Dataset Merge Precedence Group



    Legacy ID:KA416117

    You need to check the "Defer If NULL" to No in the Merge - Precedence Group 

    Using the User Tool:  
    1. Go to CMDB:Console
    3. Access the Reconciliation Manager:
       User-added image  
    3. In the Precedence Groups: select the Precedence Group that is associated to the DataSet and click on view  
      User-added image 
    here you will find a field "Defer If Null" which is "Yes" by default, SET that value to "No" and save the changes  
    4. Kill the arrecond process  
    5. Run the RE job and the NULL values should be in Asset now 
    Using Flex UI - Atrium Core Console
    1. Go to Atrium Core Console
    3. Go to Advanced -> Reconciliation
    5. Select the RE Job you need to change the Defer If NULL and click on edit the Job
    7. Edit the Merge Activity and click on Edit Merge Precedence Set:
       User-added image  
    5. Select the Dataset Precedence and Double Click the Text box to open the Option box  
    6. Click on the Arrow to show aditional options:  
      User-added image 
    7. Now you can change the Defer If Null option to false:  
      User-added image 
    8. Click Ok -> Click on Save  
    9. Close the Merge Edit windows  
    10. Kill the arrecond process  
    11. Run the RE Job  
    12. You should see the NULL values now in ASSET 

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