DWP Catalog Workflow - Map every fields in Create Incident (Change)

Version 2
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    Hello everyone,


    Another long time requested feature for DWP Catalog workflow to be able to map ANY field of the HPD:IncidentInterface_Create form in Create Incident element. This solution is for Incidents but can be easily adapted for Change.


    The Principle is to use another Field to deliver the mapping (FieldID, Value) to ITSM where a short simple workflow extracts the values and sets them before the ticket creation is processed. Two steps are required to make this work:


    1) Create two Display Only fields on the form HPD:IncidentInterface_Create

       DB ID: 1234500001, DB Name: CustomMappingFieldId, Length: 10

       DB ID: 1234500002, DB Name: CustomMappingData, Length: 255


    2) Import the attached workflow (CUSTOM_HPD_Create_DWPC.def). That contains:

    • CUSTOM:HPD:InterfaceCreate:FillCustom (Filter)
      • HPD:IncidentInterface_Create on Submit(10) Call Guide CUSTOM:HPD:InterfaceCreate:FillCustom:Guide in case Resolution starts with #!#
    • CUSTOM:HPD:InterfaceCreate:FillCustom:Guide (Filter Guide)
      • Filter guide with Start,2 Filters,End
    • CUSTOM:HPD:InterfaceCreate:FillCustom10`! (Filter)
      • Process the Resolution Content (Get the FieldId and Value into the custom fields)
    • CUSTOM:HPD:InterfaceCreate:FillCustom20`! (Filter)
      • If there is FieldID and Value Set it to relevant Fields (the beauty of Application-Copy-Field-Value is used )


    Important Points (how it works):

    • For the Additional Fields mapping use Resolution Details of Create Incident workflow element (Any Field can be used but then the workflow must be adapted)
    • The Format of the mapping is following (control string is #!#):

              #!#Field1ID#!#Field1VALUE#!##!#Field2ID#!#Field2VALUE#!##!#Field3ID#!#Field3VALUE#!#Text for resolution field

         e.g. mapping of ServiceCI and Vendor Ticket Number: #!#303497300#!#Test Service#!##!#1000000652#!#12345#!#Text for Resolution


    - Keep in mind each field mapping has to start and end with his own #!#.

    - If any of the FieldID or FieldVALUE is not delivered/is empty, this mapping will be skipped

    - Text after the last mapping will be in Resolution field. If there is not text, resolution will be empty


    You have to modify the workflow if you want to use this for Create Change. Not a big deal and you can use any field of the Workflow Element mapping as the original value at the end will be set. This is no big discovery and there is for sure lot of other workarounds/solutions. This one is quite flexible as you can map one or more fields and it doesn't matter if there will come values or not.