Why are Synthetic applications missing in the TrueSight Presentation Server (TSPS) console?

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    TrueSight App Visibility Manager Server


    App Visibility Portal


    App Visibility Portal - version 11.0 and older TrueSight Presentation Server - version 11.0 and older


    In the TSPS console, all Synthetic Applications and Execution Plans are missing.  When viewing the portal.log on the Application Visibility Portal server, the following message is present:

    [INFO] - Deleted execution plan:



    This is a known problem in TSPS version 11.0 and older.  This issue will occur when the TSPS console looses the connection to the App Visibility Portal.  Below are a few scenarios where this issue could occur:

    1.  The App Visibility Portal is reconnected to a different TSPS console
    2.  The TSPS server is running as High Availability and fails over to the secondary TSPS database, but the secondary TSPS database is empty
    3.  A network outage prevents the TSPS server from connecting to the App Visibility Portal

    To resolve this issue, use one of the three solutions below:

    Solution 1) Recover the App Visibility Portal database and App Visibility Collector database from a backup

    Note: To prevent loss of data, it is recommended that the App Visibility Portal and App Visibility Collector databases be backed up on a regular basis.  Please refer to the documentation that explains the backup procedures.


    If using a different App Visibility Portal/Collector version, then search for the following section in the documentation:
    Backing up and recovering the App Visibility database

    Solution 2) If there is no App Visibility Portal/Collector backup from Solution 1, and the App Visibility Portal/Collector is on a Virtual Machine (VM) then restore the VM from a snapshot

    Solution 3) If there is no App Visibility Portal/Collector backup from Solution 1 then restore the entire App Visibility folder from a backup.  For example on Windows, restore the entire App Visibility directory back into C:\Program Files\BMC Software directory.
    Note: Stop the App Visibility Portal, App Visibility Collector, and their App Visibility databases prior to restoring the directory.

    It is highly recommended to upgrade to TSPS and App Visibility Manager version 11.3.01 or later as this issue has been resolved in those versions.


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