Discovery: How to change existing standalone consolidation and scanning appliances into clusters

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    BMC Discovery


    Customer currently has one standalone consolidation appliance and three scanning appliances. The requirement is to replace each standalone appliance with a cluster, but the customer needs to be able to plan for two different scenarios - one where the existing appliances are kept, and the other where the existing appliances are replaced with entirely new ones. 

    It is also necessary to avoid getting duplicate CIs in the CMDB following this change.


    Scenario 1 - The existing consolidator becomes the coordinator of the consolidation cluster

    The documentation at and its child pages describes how to make the appliance into a cluster coordinator and add new appliances into the cluster.
    Since the datastore of that machine will contain all the keys used during the CMDB Sync and this will remain unchanged, there should not be any duplicate CIs following this operation. 

    Scenario 2 - The existing consolidator is replaced and the new appliance becomes the coordinator of the consolidation cluster

    In this case, take a backup of the original consolidator and restore that backup onto the appliance which is destined to become the coordinator of the consolidation cluster

    Please see:

    It is only possible to restore the backup of a standalone appliance to another standalone appliance, and it is only possible to restore the backup of a cluster to another cluster with the same number of members. Therefore it is easiest to take the backup from the existing consolidator, and restore it to the new appliance destined to be the coordinator of the consolidating cluster before creating a cluster from the new appliance. 

    It is recommended that the machine from which the backup is taken and the machine onto which the backup is restored are the same version. For example, if the existing consolidator is then the new appliance should also be 11.3.05.

    Once the backup from the original consolidator has been restored onto the appliance destined to become the coordinator of the consolidation cluster, then the steps to make it into a cluster are the same as if it was the original system.

    Regarding the scanning appliances: Regardless of which path is followed, there is no impact to the CMDB, as the scanners do not sync directly to it. However, there may be other data and configurations on the original scanners that need to be preserved. In this case, do a backup/restore as described above.

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