Track-It! 20.xx - How to enable SSL (https) for the Track-It! website

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    Track-It! 20.xx


    How to configure the Track-It! web site to run over https (SSL)


    NOTE: Detailed steps for how to enable SSL support for the Track-It! website is beyond the scope of Support, however, the basic steps are provided below and are the same steps that would be used to enable SSL for any website that exists in IIS.

    First, a certificate must be requested and purchased from a trusted certificate authority through the Server Certificates area of IIS. 

    NOTE: A self-signed certificate could be used, however, users who open the site will first see a page indicating that there may be a problem with the website's certificate. When this appears, they must click the 'Continue to this website' link to open the site. For this reason, it is best practice for production websites to be associated with a certificate from a trusted source. 

    1. In the IIS Manager, click on the name of the server.
    3. Next, open Server Certificates.
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           3. Click   Create Certificate Request to begin the process. Again, you could click   Create Self-Signed Certificate, however that should only be used in test environments. 
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      4. Once the certificate has been received into IIS, a new unique binding must be created for the default web site in IIS, which references the https protocol and the new certificate.  
      5. Right-click on the Default Web Site then click    Edit Bindings.  
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    6. Click the    Add button, select the    https: protocol, select the SSL certificate and then click    OK.  
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    Once setup, users will then be able to open https://  WebServerName/TrackIt to use SSL. 

    For additional detail, please see the   IIS Manager section in Microsoft's   How to Set Up SSL on IIS 7 article. 


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