TrueSight Capacity Optimization (TSCO): The Near-real-time Warehouse Max Queue age is greater than 3 days

Version 5
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    TrueSight Capacity Optimization


    Capacity Optimization 11.5.01


    All versions



    The TSCO Console is reporting the following message
    2014-03-12 17:20:07,272 ERROR [taskid=19]- Near-real-time Warehouse service is in ERROR state. Max Queue age is greater than 3 days
    2014-03-12 17:20:07,302 INFO  [taskid=19]- Component status of Core Services - Near-real-time Warehouse service (id: -50)  installed on host "" has been updated to ERROR




    Legacy ID:KA410848

    Under Administration -> Data warehouse - Status check to see which queue(s) have a high queue length and long Max Queue Age (greater than 24 hours).  Make sure that the Processing Throughput value for that queue is non-zero.

    • If the Processing Throughput is 0, do the following:
    1. Restart the BCO Datahub ./cpit restart datahub
    3. Wait 15 minutes
    5. Check if the throughput now is greter than 0
    7. If not, follow the steps reported below to contact support
    • If the Processing Throughput is non-zero for the backed up queue
    1. Run the Database Space Manager task in Analyze Schema mode (KA000198982:
    3. Wait the end of the task
    5. Wait 8-12 hours
    7. Check if the flow is now normal
    If after these tentatives, the problem will be not solve, get in contact with product support, providing these information:  
    1. The log grabber output from the Application Server environment ( If the environment has more that one AS, collect the logs for the one with Data Hub
    3. An fresh exeution of Diagnostic Report - Data Flow & Statistics (
    5. If the TSCO data base is Oracle, an AWR report of last 24 hours


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