BMC Helix Remedyforce With the Salesforce Mobile App for iOS and Android

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    Not only has the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically affected our way of life, but it's also changed the way businesses and customers interact. With that in mind, we would like to remind our customers that  BMC Helix Remedyforce can be accessed with the Salesforce Mobile App and can be a great option to better adapt to the ever changing landscape of our day to day work model.


    Within this document you will find an overview of the features and benefits which will allow you to enable, configure, and deploy the Mobile App with ease.


    BMC Helix Remedyforce With the Salesforce Mobile App for iOS and Android

    What is the Salesforce Mobile App?

    BMC Remedyforce provides options to configure Service Desk and Self Service on the Salesforce Mobile App. Configuring these options enables your clients and staff members to perform various tasks in BMC Remedyforce from a mobile device at any time and from anywhere.


    Staff members can work on all of their tickets such as  incidents, tasks, Change Requests, etc., as well as leverage knowledge articles on the go.


    Clients can submit incidents/Service Requests, view status of existing tickets, view broadcasts, access to knowledge articles, or chat with a staff member from their mobile device.


    For more information on what the mobile app can do for your organization, please review this brief Demo Video.

    What are the benefits of deploying the Salesforce Mobile App?

    •Work from home users can confidently submit tickets and staff can work them via their mobile devices.

    •Ease of traffic on VPN tunnels

    •Back Up in case of connectivity loss from your home’s / business ISP.

    •Viewed by many as a contingency in the event there is network outage internal to the organization or home office, as well as an unforeseen event – Service Desk Staff and Clients can still operate via mobile devices

    •Salesforce is migrating to the adoption of the Salesforce Mobile App due to their retirement of Mobile Web Experience.




    Basic Setup


    Step 1: Download Mobile App

    Installation Instructions

    Step 2: Setup Mobile App

    Configuration Instructions

    Step 3: Service Desk (Staff)

    Enable Service Desk

    Step 4: Self Service (Client)

    Enable Self Service





    Advanced Settings - Optional


    List Views

    Customize List Views

    Ticket Layout

    Customize Ticket Layout

    Pin Recent Objects

    Pinning Recently Viewed Objects (Video)

    Base Element (CMDB)

    Adding Base Element (Video)

    Additional SettingsFor additional advanced settings click here.




    Staff - mobile app.PNG


    Mobile - self service.PNG


    Thanks to our BMC Team Members from the BMC Support Desk and your BMC BRM Team:


    James Dubcak Jules MurrayMike LeveillerHugo Gracia