How to close the ticket automatically after a certain amount of time using a business rule in Track-It! 20.xx

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    Track-It! 2020 R1


    All 20.x versions


    How to close the ticket automatically using a business rule.


    1. Set the rule to activate on any New or Updated ticket and set 2 conditions:
    Status Has Changed AND
    Status = Resolved

    2. Set the Action to Update Record - Update Ticket Values, click the Select/Edit fields button and enter 2 fields, TicketID = {Ticket.TicketID} AND Status = Closed

    3. Then under Define Actions Schedule, select At a later time, select After, select {CurrentDateTime} from the drop down and then select a Time Zone. Note I entered 24 hours as my time to delay because of work schedules. If I didnt use work schedules, I could put 72 hours in there for 3 days.
    That should do it. 

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