ITSM 19.x - LDAP People Job got complemted successfully but no records was pushed on CTM:People form

Version 7
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    Remedy IT Service Management Suite


    Remedy IT Service Management Suite/Maui


    ITSM : 9.x, 19.x version



    • Running LDAP People Job from the UDM Console was getting completed successfully on the console without any errors but no users were promoted on the CTM:People form.
    • It was observed all the user records were stuck on the CTM:LoadPeople with "DL_Status" as "Unvalidated".
    • No error captured in field : Error Message & Error_Text.



    Identified "LDAP_People" transformation was customized from Spoon client and under the field mapping "Parent_Job_GUID" & "ParentJobID".


    1. Login to BMC Atrium Integrator Spoon client using Admin User.
    2. Open the transformation by navigating through Repository.
        Tools > Repository > Explore (Short-Cut Key: Ctrl+E)
    3. Open the LDAP_People transformation.
    4. Edit the “AR Upsert” and add the missing field mapping as given below.

    Note : Please refer the attached screenshot.

    Field Mapping

    Use Case2:

    The records get stuck in CTM:LoadPeople with status unvalidated and the transformation is correct per above instructions.

    On that case modify filter DMT:TMG:StepThread_SetNumberOfThreadsTo1 so that the final OR clause adds the staging form CTM:LoadPeople this will single thread the load and increase performance in case there is an issue with CAI plugin.

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