Error 'BMC43636E ENVIRONMENT ERROR condition,RSN=reasoncode, IMSID=imsid' occurs when IMS Shared Queues commands are issued from Message Advisor for IMS if z/OS statement REFRPROT=Y is specified.

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    Message Advisor for IMS


    Error 'BMC43636E ENVIRONMENT ERROR condition,RSN=reasoncode, IMSID=imsid'
    occurs when the following conditions exist:
    - IMS Shared Queues processing is enabled.
    - Statement REFRPROT=Y is specified in SYS1.PROCLIB member PROGxx.
    - IMS Shared Queues commands or DISPLAY STATISTICS (option 3) are executed from the Message Advisor for IMS ISPF Interface,
    or from a Message Advisor for IMS batch job.

    As a result of this error, the issued IMS command is not executed successfully.

    Note: This problem may be circumvented by not specifying
    statement REFRPROT in SYS1.PROCLIB member PROGxx.



    Complete the following procedure to resolve this issue:
    1) Apply PTF BQQ4846.
    2) Restart the Message Advisor Server.

    Defect QM002436961, Solution 000015510497, Case 00837480, Knowledge Article 000189098

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