Warning in ITSM 18.05 installer dialogs during upgrade from 9.1.03 - 'FTS is currently disabled'

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    The following warning is displayed when going through the ITSM 18.05 Installer dialogs for an upgrade from 9.1.03 to 18.05:

      FTS is currently disabled. FTS is an optional feature for ITSM, but it is required for Knowledge Management. Enable FTS before continuing.
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    The corresponding warning in the main ITSM installation log:  
      (<date time> +0000),INFO,com.bmc.install.product.bmcremedyitsmsuite.core.tasks.ITSMMetadataInformationTask,
      LOG EVENT {Description=[ITSMMetadataInformationTask],Detail=[FTS entry is commented in armonitor file on secondary fts server]}
    However, FTS was enabled and correctly configured on the affected node 



    Defect SW00557288


    For this customer, the affected node was setup as an FTS Indexer. One of the steps the ITSM installer performs to validate if all FTS settings are as expected is to parse the system's armonitor.cfg for its FTS related entries. For a node that is marked as FTS indexer, it tries to assure that there is an uncommented line present that contains both the words 'fts' and 'secondary'.

    However, the installer code was implemented to only ever expect a single occurrence of a line in the armonitor.cfg that contains both these words 'fts' and 'secondary'. So it runs through all the lines and if it finds a line that  contains both these words 'fts' and 'secondary', and that line is commented out, it will always throw that warning (even if there is another such line that is NOT commented out):

      FTS entry is commented in armonitor file on secondary fts server
    In this case, the customer had these two lines in armonitor.cfg (one commented, one uncommented): 
      E:\java\bin\java -Xmx3072m -classpath E:\BMC\ARSystem\pluginsvr\fts\secondary;E:\BMC\ARSystem\pluginsvr\fts\core;E:\BMC\ARSystem\pluginsvr;E:\BMC\ARSystem\pluginsvr\arpluginsvr91_build005.jar com.bmc.arsys.pluginsvr.ARPluginServerMain -x <servername> -i E:\BMC\ARSystem -m

    #%BMC_JAVA_HOME%\java  -Xmx3072m -classpath "E:\BMC\ARSystem\pluginsvr\fts\secondary;E:\BMC\ARSystem\pluginsvr\fts\core;E:\BMC\ARSystem\pluginsvr;E:\BMC\ARSystem\pluginsvr\arpluginsvr91_build005.jar" com.bmc.arsys.pluginsvr.ARPluginServerMain -x <server> -i E:\BMC\ARSystem -m
    Removing that second (commented) line from armonitor.cfg resolved the issue. 


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