Client Management: How to push rollouts to devices synchronized from the Active Directory

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    How can I set my rollouts to push agents automatically to devices from my Active Directory?


    1- Synchronize devices from the Active Directory (AD)
    If this hasn't already been set up, set the environment to synchronize devices from the AD: Client Management: How to synchronize the devices from the Active directory.

    2- Choose the population

      2.1 Targets are all in the same Organizational Unit (OU)  
    The OU has been synchronized from the active directory in a dynamic device group so there is nothing to do at this stage.  
    2.2 Targets needs to be filtered  
    The population of the device groups that are synchronized from the AD are fine, but not all should be deployed (by the same rollout server maybe). The following Knowledge Article (KA) explains how to populate device groups from queries:    Client Management: Populate Dynamic Device Groups from Queries
    3- Create the device group 
    Follow what's described in section 2 of the following KA:   Client Management: Populate Dynamic Device Groups from Queries

    4- Create or reuse a rollout configuration 
    Create or reuse and assign a rollout configuration to the dynamic device groups created through the previous steps. More information in the following KA:   Client Management: How to create and deploy Agent Rollouts to clients by using the push mode - INCLUDES VIDEO



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