Client Management: How to deploy or reinstall agents that are in the WAN (No VPN)

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    My devices are already in the WAN and have no VPN connection, how can I deploy them?

    A BCM agent on a device that is on the WAN, and that is supposed to connect to my LAN through a DMZ relay, isn't connecting anymore. I don't have an access to this device at all, how do I reinstall it to work around the issue?


    Only rollout pulls can be used in this situation, because the device being in the WAN with no VPN connection is not reachable by a rollout server.
    A pull should be generated as described in the following Knowledge Article (KA): Client Management: How to create and deploy Agent Rollouts to clients by using the pull mode - INCLUDES VIDEO.

    The pull exe file should then be made available in a share on the internet, or sent to the end-users by another mean. The end-user could then install it without the requirement of having administrator rights as the admin credentials are stored into the rollout binary:

    User-added image

    If the device is in a domain, it might also be possible to deploy the agent through a GPO as described in the following KA: Client Management: How to deploy an agent through a GPO, but this is most likely not doable.

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