Add custom Menus and Pages in TrueSight Presentation Server (How To)

Version 2
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    We already explained how to create custom dashlets for TrueSight Presentation Server (see GitHub - sentrysoftware/tsps-dashlet-tpl: Create new Dashlets for BMC TrueSight Presentation Server), and now we're going to let you create new pages and menus in TrueSight!


    Everything is explained in this template repository on GitHub:

    GitHub - sentrysoftware/tsps-menu-tpl: Create new Menus and Pages in BMC TrueSight Presentation Server


    Fork this repository and then modify the code to build you own Component for TrueSight, that you can install and configure. This Component allows you to create custom pages, custom menus in TrueSight Presentation Server, and even add REST API endpoints!



    Feel free to comment, raise issues, etc.


    If you come up with some cool dashlets or pages, do not hesitate to share with the community!