Client Management: List all the Windows workstations that were discovered by the asset discovery module

Version 12
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    How can I list all workstations discovered by asset discovery scans that run on Windows and that do not have an agent on.



    This query can be useful to deploy rollouts automatically. 

    1- List All Discovered Windows Workstations
    - Go to the sub-node Queries 
    - Create a query of the default type "Devices"

    User-added image

    - Add the following criteria and set to query to "Active":

    User-added image

    - Right click on the query and select "Create Dynamic Device Group":

    User-added image 

    The device group should be created:

     User-added image

    2- List All Discovered Windows Workstations Discovered by the scanner xxx
    Usually customers do not deploy all agents from the same rollout server because there are maybe one rollout server per location, which is usually the asset discovery scanner for this location as well. This is why the query should most likely filter on the name of the scanner that discovered it. 

    The following query will list all the devices discovered by the scanner VW-TLV-BCM-SP68:

    User-added image


    Replace the name in the second line by the name of the scanner that is relevant. Copy and edit the query as much as required. 

    Both query exports are attached to this KA. To know how to import them, follow this KA: Client Management: How to export and import objects in the console

    Client Management: How to push rollouts to devices discovered by Asset Discovery scanners.


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