Atrium Integrator 19.08 Upgrade issue - After upgrading AI to latest version, Jobs having "is_virtual" parameter are having issue

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    Upgrade issue - After upgrading AI to latest version as part of 19.08 upgrade, Jobs having is_virtual parameter are having issue

    1.After upgrade to 19.08 the new field is_virtual is been added to base element form
    2.What do we need to with existing data having value in old field 
    3.What changes are needed to the jobs that have this field been mapped
    4.What could be the other impacts due to addition of this field



    You need to be aware of  the latest changes in our CDM for 19.08 version.
    The actions to take for this update are:

    For Field IDs

    In CMDB version 19.08, this attribute is available in the BaseElement class with a new field ID, which is 530075026. If you have any client applications or reports that use the existing field ID (530054200) for this attribute, you must change it to the new field ID.


    For ADDM data sources


    If data is populated to the isVirtual attribute using ADDM, we recommend that you do a full sync from ADDM to populate the values in the new attribute. If you want any values from the old attribute to be populated into the new attribute, you must migrate the values by creating an AI job and use the job to perform the migration task.

    Important: for this data source, ensure that before the sync a host (for example), you destroy it Discovery and sync it with CMDB (If Continuous Sync Mode not enabled) to mark the CI as Deleted, then purge it, and resync it. You should be able to see it the proper populated flag in Is Virtual in Base Element.


    For AI or UDM data sources


    If data is discovered using an Atrium Integrator job or UDM, those jobs must be modified to populate the attribute and rerun. If the attribute is referred from BMC_System class or BMC_Collection class, then the mapping has to be updated such that instead of BMC_SystemBMC_Collection classes, the class name should now refer to the BMC_BaseElement class.

    All related details are in this doc url:

    On one system the new IsVirtual field (530054200) was not created in the CMDB metadata but the related ARForms including BMC_BaseElement had the new field. 

    To resolve the issue the attribute needs to be added manually. So the following steps were used: 

    1. Delete the field from all the child job forms. 
    2. Delete the field from BaseElement. 
    3. Using CMDB driver export the attribute from a working system. 
    4. Using CMDB driver import the attribute. 

    Check that the attribute is present on the AR Forms, and try again to use your AI Jobs or Recon Jobs 



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