Client Management: Prerequisites

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    BMC Client Management


    Client Management


    Any version of BMC Client Management (BCM) <= 12.9 and most likely onwards


    What are the prerequisites to install a BMC Client Management Master, relays and clients?

    What should I consider before sizing my BCM environment?


    Some very important information to consider while planning the architecture of BCM:

    1.1 Database
    - Do not install the database server on the same device if there will be more than 500 agents. More prerequisites in the official documentation here (12.9).

    1.2 Master
    - If the master or relay is installed it is very important to set the system properly before installing the BCM agent. More information in the following Knowledge Article (KA): Client Management: Configuring the Linux Kernel to properly support the agents on a Relay or Master Server
    - The master should not have more than 500 children. The least children the master has, the more efficient it will be
    - The master should not be set as a backup relay to ensure its performances and to avoid it to be overloaded with communications.
    - On Demand masters MUST have a First Relay set into the customer environment to which all relays and clients connect. More information in the official documentation (12.9) here. This relay will be used to store packages and patches.

    1.3 Rollout Prerequisites
    Make sure to read the following KA before starting to deploy agents. A lot of customers encounter issues with the unique identifier of the BCM agents because they are not aware of this information: Client Management: Installing agents best practices.

    1.4 Relays
    - Windows relays should not have more than 2000 children, linux relays not more than 5000 children. Mac cannot be relays.
    - If more than 500 relays are to be set children of the master, then first level relays must be setup between the master for some of the (now 2nd level) relays
    - If possible, to be more secure, the master should not be accessible from the internet. To support devices that are on the WAN set a DMZ relay instead, as described in this KA: Client Management: Managing Devices Across the Internet with Client Management.

    1.5 Clients
    Clients should not be direct children of the master.
    More information on prerequisites and best practices in the official documentation (12.9) here.
    1.6 SSL
    A certificate that is unique to the master is generated at the first start of the BCM Master agent after its installation. Because of this there no real reason to replace it by another one, generated by another means if it is not mandatory in the company. BCM support TLS 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 (12.9), but it is possible to force TLS 1.2 for the agent communications and for the master to database connection.

    2- Set antivirus exclusions
    It is mandatory to set antivirus exclusions to the BCM master, relays and clients installation folders: Client Management: Antivirus exclusion prerequisites. Some antivirus have a strong impact on the BCM agent performances and can even lead to crashes as it happens that the antivirus identify it as a false positive.

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