Client Management: How to synchronize the devices from the Active directory

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    How do I synchronize devices from the Active Directory?

    How do I populate devices in BCM from computers that are members of an OU in my Active Directory?


    1- Create a directory server
    If no directory server has been set in this environment then follow this KA: Client Management: How to create a directory server.

    2- Set the ldap connector
    - Go to the Device Groups node in the BCM Console
    - Right Click on the node "Device Groups"  then select "Create new device group"
    - Select the Device Group then go to the sub-node "Dynamic Population" then to "Directory Server"
    - Right click and select "Assign Server"
    - Select the desired OU to synchronize

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    Note: If relevant, it is recommended to synchronize all OUs at once because it will be easier to set the synchronizations, keep track of where the ldap connectors are set etc.

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