Client Management: How to synchronize the administrators from the Active directory so they can log into the console with the same account

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    I want the specific user accounts from my active directory to be able to log in the BCM console with the same login and password.

    How do I synchronize administrators from the Active Directory?


    1- Create a directory server
    If no directory server has been set in this environment then follow this Knowledge Article (KA): Client Management: How to create a directory server.

    2- Select The relevant OU
    Create or reuse an OU containing only the administrators that should be synchronized in BCM

    3- Create a new administrator group
    - Go to Global Settings > Administrator Groups
    - Right click and select "Create a new Administrator Group"
    - Select the new Administrator group then go to the sub-node Dynamic population > Directory server 
    - Right click on the right pane and select "Assign server":

    User-added image

    - Select the OU containing the administrators

    User-added image

    - Click OK

    The Administrator Group is now populated with the administrators from that OU. The next step is most likely to set rights to these accounts in the BCM console: Client Management: How to set up an administrator security profile in BCM Console.

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