Industry Insight: Got Compliance Anxiety? Don’t Just Say "No" to the Public Cloud

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    - by Dan Trevino, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Compliance and Lilac Schoenbeck, Senior Manager of Product Marketing for Cloud Computing, BMC Software


    Cloud computing gives you the freedom to choose the right mix of internally and externally provided services that best meet your business requirements. In determining whether to send a service to a public cloud, a major factor is whether the service must maintain regulatory compliance. At first glance, it may appear that you should "just say no" to outsourcing any service that is under regulatory compliance. However, this approach limits your flexibility in creating the optimum combination of internal and external services.


    Keep in mind that public cloud providers are continually improving their security and compliance capabilities, making it feasible to offload more services to the public cloud. If you keep your options open, you will be able to take advantage of additional opportunities in the public cloud as they emerge.


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