Client Management: How to synchronize the users from the Active directory

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    BCM 12.x


    How do I synchronize users from the Active Directory?

    How do I populate users in BCM from users that are members of an OU in my Active Directory?


    A User synchronized to a User Group cannot log in the console, only an Administrator can log in the console. Users synchronized in User Groups are different from Administrators (that are synchronized in Administrator Groups). An administrator can exist as an Administrator and as a User as well. Operational rules can be assigned to operational rules.

    The current user of each device is created as a User in the database through the identities that devices upload to the master. If Users are also synchronized from the Active directory they will be merged with the users uploaded from the devices if their users log in the devices in the same way that users are synchronized from the AD.

    1- Create a directory server
    If no directory server has been set in this environment then follow this KA: Client Management: How to create a directory server.

    2- Set the ldap connector
    - Go to the User Groups node in the BCM Console
    - Right Click on the node "User Groups"  then select "Create new user group"
    - Select the User Group then go to the sub-node "Dynamic Population" then to "Directory Server"
    - Right click and select "Assign Server"
    - Select the desired OU to synchronize:

    users group adding

    - Select the OU containing the administrators

    user import

    The users are now synchronized in the user group:

    user synced

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