Client Management: How to create a directory server and how to troubleshoot it if it fails at connecting

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    BMC Client Management


    Client Management


    Any version of BMC Client Management (BCM)


    How to synchronize my administrators, my devices and my user from my Active Directory to the BCM console, where do I start?


    1- Configuration
    This is done from Global Settings > Directory Servers: right click on "Directory Servers" then "Create Directory Server":

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    By default:
    - "Directory Server Proxy" is set to the master hostname. The Directory Server Proxy is the device that will be used to connect to the active directory and synchronize the objects. This can only work if either the master is part of the domain that has to be synchronized from or is part of a domain that has a trust relationship with it.
    - "Type" is set to "MS Active directory", but 3 other types are available
    - "AD Server Name" is set to the domain of which the master is a member - Set it to the FQDN, the short name or the ip address of the directory server. Do not set anything else than this, such as OU= and CN= etc
    - "Port" is set to 389 which suits most installations

    For this example the master is a Windows device that is a member of a MS Active Directory domain, so the defaults are fine.

    2- Specific cases:

      2.1- The master is a member of the domain and a linux server:  
    The following applies only if the linux master itself should be set as the Directory Server Proxy. The following commands have to be executed on the master before it is able to connect to the domain: 
    ln -s /usr/lib64/ /usr/local/bmc-software/client-management/client/bin/  
    ln -s /usr/lib64/ /usr/local/bmc-software/client-management/client/bin/  
    /etc/init.d/BMCClientManagementAgent stop  
    /etc/init.d/BMCClientManagementAgent start 
    2.2- The master is not a member of the domain  
    A device with an agent that is a member of the domain that is being connected to has to be set as a Directory Server Proxy, instead of the master. More information on this KA:    Client Management: et a directory Server Proxy
    3- Next steps:     
    4- Troubleshooting 
    If the connection to the directory server fails then:  
      - install    AD Explorer on what is currently set as the directory server proxy  
    - set the name of the directory server proxy in the filed "Connect to:"  
    - set the same login and password that is being tried in the BCM console  
    - check the connection works through AD Explorer and browse in the ad from there 
    More information on setting up directory servers and synchronizing administrators, devices and user groups in the official documentation    here (12.9). 


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