DWP- How do we enable new smiley survey for Default Incident SRD?

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    If we create an Incident manually in ITSM/Smart IT , how can we configure DWP Single question survey for such Incidents?
    Whenever such Incidents are resolved a survey should be sent to requester from DWP (Single question survey with smiley)



    1. Make sure that the Incident Rule "Create Request on Submit" is enabled in ITSM Application Administration Console.

    2. Create a single question survey in SRM.

    3. Open "Service Desk Incident" SRD  in SRD: ServiceRequestDefinition form, and select the single question  Survey . This SRD is default SRD which is used by system to create Request for a manually created Incident and it is in draft.

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    4. Enable the survey in the DWP admin console at "dwp/admin/catalog/survey-config.html".

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    5. Enable "Feedback Survey" and "email notification for survey", in DWP Universal client Preferences for user at dwp/app/#/user-profile

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    6. Submit the Incident in SmartIT or ITSM and It will create Service request and display the request in DWP. 

    Now when we complete the Incident from Smart IT / ITSM, It will update the status of request in DWP and send Survey notification in DWP.  See screenshot below for Survey in request, bell notification and email notification

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