TrueSight Capacity Optimization (TSCO): TOTAL_REAL_MEM is TSCO is not available using TSOM integration

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    TrueSight Capacity Optimization


    Capacity Optimization 11.5.01




    For Solaris server, the metric TOTAL_REAL_MEM is not populated and this cause problem in report and in derived metrics

    This TSCO metric is mapped on MEMAVAILABLEMB in TSOM and to MEMAVAILABLEKB metric from monitor type PATROL_UNIX_OS from TSOM.

    If you see the REST API response below, MEMAVAILABLEMB is empty. Due to this, TOTAL_REAL_MEM is no getting populated for those servers.

    --{"deviceId":"907","monUniqName":"PATROL_UNIX_OS","monInstName":"UNIX OS","isMarkedForDelete":false,"monInstKey":


    --Config data response: {"monUniqName":"PATROL_UNIX_OS","monInstName":"UNIX OS","monInstKey":


    ,"attributeMap":{"CpuMHz":"3600","META_UNIQUE_ALIAS":"","_SystemConfig":"","PageSize":"","CI_ID":" ","HostLogicalCpuCount":"","OsVersion":"5.11","hostID":"","LVIRTConfigureVMs":"","MTThreadingType":"","DNSIP":"","CpuCount":"16","hwModel":"","NetBandwidthMbps":"","LVIRTActiveVMs":"","MemAvailableKB":"","OsType":"SOLARIS","CpuVendor":"","ProcessorSockets":"","USERNAME":"admin","CpuType":"sparc","SolutionVersion":"","CoresPerSocket":"","DiskCount":"4.000000","INSTANCE_NAME":"UNIX OS","NetInterfaceCount":"","PORT":"3182","LogicalCpuCount":"16","HostMemAvailableKB":"","PartitionType":"","ThreadsPerCore":"","HostAlias":"","EntityType":"Sun.Zone.Host","hwVendor":"","CI_TOKEN_ID":" ","CpuDescription":"","HostCpuCount":"","MEMAVAILABLEMB":"","Domain":"","CI_ALIAS":" "}}




    Parameter was not enabled on patrol agent.



    The MEMTotalMem parameter should be enabled on Patrol agent side.
    As MEMTotalMem this is mapped with MEMAVAILABLEMB. 

    For collection mode PSL/DCM mode set the configCollector polling interval policy according to PSL mode. Set the polling interval of the policy file as 5 min as shown in screenshot below. Because this parameter value depends on other parameter value. In first polling cycle it collects the value but at that time the other parameter value is null. so in first cycle MemAvailableMB is showing 0. but in next cycle it gets the valid value. 

    Check TSIM whether valid value in MEMAVAILABLEMB  parameter. After getting the value in TSIM. 
    User-added image

     Execute the operation management TSOM ETL and check the metrics for TOTAL_REAL_MEM metric on TSCO whether it is available or not.

    The mapping of the metric is TSCO, TSIM/TSPS, Patrol is as follows : 

    MemAvailableMB  - solaries (LDOM) -patrol



    Note : To get the expected metric in TSCO, metrics should be enabled on patrol agent side and TSIM side. Then you will get to see the metric in TSCO.


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