Truesight Capacity Optimization - Derivation rule recalculation for big Capacity Pools triggers datawarehouse timeout errors

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    TrueSight Capacity Optimization


    Capacity Optimization


    TrueSight Capacity Optimization - 11.5.01, 11.3.01





    The environment is working normally.
    One host gets out of the out of the box capacity pool hierarchy (it is decommissioned, or it's not collecting data and gets unassigned)
    (for example one VMware host inside capacity pool VMware all HOSTS)


    Derivation Hierarchy rule log may show this messages:


    REMOVE : [SYSXXXXXX] is no longer parent of [SYSYYYYY]. Entparentid: ZZZZZ




    Errors are triggered in wh.log and via email:
    Near-real-time Warehouse service has detected a potential locking condition preventing to process new data. Please refers to service logs for further details.
    BCO_WHS_FAIL101: ThreadLauncher wh-sys is not processing any request - lastActivity:<TIMESTAMP>


    Timeout expired while waiting for threads termination: please investigate on possible database locks or network issues
    BCO_WHS_WARN301: Timeout expired [timeout=600000; elapsed=600000] - objects in processing: <SYSOBJID> - going to sleep - sleep timeout 600s




    The SYSOBJID ( <SYSOBJID> ) in the error relates to a metric inside one of the out of the box Capacity Pools.


    Looking at that day on the Data Warehouse volume page shows that there were 4 times more derived rows than the daily average







    DEFECT DRCOZ-26161 Limit the calculation of the derivation rules to 30 days




       Delete the big "out of the box" capacity pool(s) causing the problem.
    These Capacity pools in big environment have often hundreds or thousands of generator systems inside, and the (re)calculation of their derived metrics is putting strain over the data warehouse, as the logs showed, queries lasted for more than 10 minutes, raising the timeout alarm over data warehouse.

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    - Navigate to Workspace > Administration domains > Capacity Pools > Systems 
    - Select the unwanted out of the box Capacity Pool(s) that cause the problem and choose "delete." 

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    - Navigate to Workspace > All systems and business drivers > Unassigned folder and dismiss the Capacity Pool(s) 

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    - Navigate to Workspace > All systems and business drivers > Dismissed folder and delete the Capacity Pool(s) 

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    Fix   for defect DRCOZ-26161   has been  included in the CHF26 of TSCO 11.3.01 and CHF6 of TSCO 11.5.01

    Please refer to the following Ka for the latest download link of the cumulative hotfix for your TrueSight Capacity Optimization Version 

    KA 000097159: Cumulative Hot Fixes for TrueSight Capacity Optimization (TSCO), TSCO Gateway Server, and TSCO Agent, and TSCO Perceiver(


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