Creating Conditional Alerts from Smart Report and Live Reporting

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    Both of BMC's TrueSight Smart Report for Server Automation and Live Reporting use the Yellowfin Business Intelligence Platform.  This provides for a very power reporting platform that is also very user friendly.  Today I wanted to share a feature of Yellowfin that is extremely useful when leveraging the reporting engine for distributing reports.


    The feature is called, "Alert-based broadcast" and allows you to take the function of emailing or delivering a report on a schedule to the next step, only delivering the reports when certain conditions are met.


    In the following example, I am a Server Automation administrator and I want to set a report up to send to the Management group when compliance of a a group of servers falls below 75% - This example is done in Live Reporting but similar functionality exists in Smart Reporting.


    Note - When you create custom reports, you must enable "broadcast" and "email" under the "Distribution" tab after clicking Publish.


    Within the report, click on the "Broadcast" icon (resembles a RSS feed icon).  From within the Broadcast window, specify the person or group you would like to deliver the Alert Report, the email contents and then select "Alert" to switch to an "Alert-based broadcast".  Next, click "Add Alert Delivery Rules"



    Define the criteria of when to deliver the report, in this example, I specify when "Patch Compliance %" falls below 75% for any row in the report.  Click Submit.



    Finish by specifying the frequency to run the report - in this case, I select Daily.  Click Submit.



    You have now successfully created an Alert-based broadcast.  Next time the report is ran, if the defined criteria is met, it will send the email report.  Otherwise, it will skip the delivery.


    I hope everyone finds this tip useful and I plan on continuing to share other Reporting tips in the future.