Extended functionality - Doing EXPLAIN Using-AppTune for Db2

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    APPTUNE for DB2


    APPTUNE for DB2


    After using the "WHAT IF?" option of EXPLAIN in APPTUNE, is there a way to retain/save the modified statement to a PDS or dataset?


    Yes, it is possible to save the EXPLAIN data using the following process:

    1. Log into APPTUNE

    2. Go to view BMCSftwr.SQMCACTX 

    3. On put an S in front of the desired statement

    4. Put an X on the * (if you do not have the text because static, then you have to use the Q to get the text, then do the X) - to run an EXPLAIN and take you to the
         EXPLAIN panel

    5. (In the EXPLAIN panel, you want to look for the XD01 that has the STMTNO filled in) Put a W in front of the XD01 on that line to take you to the What-If area
          where you can make the necessary modifications to the statement. The What-If is an ISPF area so the create and the s99999 will get the data to a file or member


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