How Can I reduce the number of messages generated in an NGT job  output

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    NGT Reorg, Load and Unload


    How can I reduce the size of the SYSERROR sysout dataset


    NGT jobs produce comprehensive and detailed messages to depict the processing flow of the utility job.

    While this is very  useful information, it can get overwhelming when the job process multiple objects and job restarts are required.

    NGT provides a configuration parameter +ALLERROR that can be used to effectively minimize the amount of output in the SYSERROR dataset in restart situations.

    The default value for the +ALLERROR parameter is YES, meaning that the job will show all messages from all restarts since the UID first began. Depending on the number of restart attempts, this could lead to additional confusion as well if the messages are not  correctly.

    By changing the value of +ALLERROR to NO, the job only lists the messages  for the current job and leads to easier more, accurate diagnosis of the job output

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