Client Management: How to set agents to download patches themselves from the internet (DownloadPatchAsSaaS)

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    Some of my clients are on the WAN and should not download their patches from their parent.

    The bandwidth between one of my relays and its parent is really low, can I set it to download the patches from the internet instead of downloading them from its parents?


    First, it is important to know that patches are downloaded by any direct child of a master that is in the SaaS at BMC. This is one of the reason why it is requested to set a first relay in this situation, so the first level relay will download the patches for the other clients/relays.

    Another way of setting any client or relay to download patches itself from the internet is to set the parameter "DownloadPatchAsSaaS=" to "DownloadPatchAsSaaS=True" in the client ../client/config/Patchmanagementpremium.ini or to set it through the console:

    User-added image

    The same setting could also be enabled from the rollout configurations if a specific rollout configuration would be created for this type of devices.

    - To know how to set a DMZ relay follow this Knowledge article (KA): Client Management: Managing Devices Across the Internet with Client Management 
    - It is possible that even though the devices are on the WAN, and connected through a DMZ relay (not through a VPN), they would be configured to use the proxy anyways. In case, please check the following (KA): Client Management: How to set any device to use a proxy to download patches from the internet.

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