Client Management: How to create and deploy Agent Rollouts to relays

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    How do I install relays?


    Relays and clients share the same binaries, so the following Knowledge Articles (KAs) apply to relays as well, with some differences covered after:

    If using a rollout of the push, make sure the following prerequisites are set before going any further:   Client Management: Why does my rollout fail to deploy? - Rollouts prerequisites

    The main difference between the installation of a relay and a client is the way these sub-node are configured in the rollout configuration: 

    1- Module Relay  
      For the agent to be enabled as a relay, "Is Enabled" should be checked in its sub-node Agent Configuration > Module Configuration > Relay:  
      User-added image

    2- Module Communication  
      Typically the relays do not use a relay selection mechanism, they use:  
    - a static relay which would usually be the master, or a level 1 relay if any  
    - a backup relay which would be another relay or maybe the ip address of the master, instead of its hostname in case of issues with DNS  
      User-added image 
    More information about the relay selection mechanisms in the official documentation    here (12.9). 
    3- Specific settings for DMZ relays 
    If the relay that is being deployed is meant to be a DMZ relay (to manage devices in the WAN) other settings must be set:   Client Management: How to limit "Queue Full" messages on DMZ Relays with dedicated parameters

    The following KA explains why it is important to setup relays properly and how they work:   Client Management: A quick overview on how packages and patches are sent to the target devices


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