Why does BMC Support ask for the journal in analysing NGT support issues

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    Why is the journal required in some cases ?


    In most case the job output will contain all the information required for BMC support to diagnose a particular problem. The job output will contain information in SYSERROR, NGTPRINT, SUMMARY and Object report detailing all off the processing that occurred and any potential issues.

    In some cases however more details will be required and this additional level of detail is stored in what is referred to as the JOURNAL. The journal contains useful information that BMC support and development are able to interpret and provides additional insights on the job execution.

    The journal can be produced by running a NGT utility program called NGT1DBUT that will extract the journal information from the .INFO and .OUT VSAM work files the job produced. This special use utility program can be found in member CDB1DBT2 of your HLQ.BMCCNTL file. The output of the NGT1DBUT can then be sent to BMC support for further analysis.

    Another approach to providing the journal to BMC support and streamline the process is by using a configuration parameter to produce the journal on demand. NGT provides a +PARM called +JOURNAL. The default value is NO, instructing the utility execution NOT to produce the journal. In this situation, the user must run the NGT!DBUT utility to produce the journal if it is required by BMC support.

    The value of the +JOURNAL parameter could be set to ONERROR. Under this setting, the journal is automatically produced if the job encounters an error. The journal is printed to a dynamically allocated sysout dataset called JRNLOUT. Using this procedure the journal is automatically available to BMC support when the job output is sent for analysis, helping reduce the turnaround time to resolve the issue.

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