TrueSight Server Automation (TSSA) : Update Model Object Job fails with "Depot Object location not found"

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    TrueSight Server Automation Suite


    TrueSight Config Objects including Grammars


    TSSA 8.9.04


    After upgrading to TrueSight Server Automation (TSSA) 8.9.04 one will execute the Update Model Object (UMO) Job.  When executed against Depot Object the following error may be logged:
    Depot Object location not found for '<Depot_Object_Name>' with DBKey 'DBKey:SDepotObjectModelKeyImpl:236427-1-67892352'


    The content on the fileserver is missing for the associated Depot Object, which could be due to varied reasons.


    The UMO Job was unable to locate the required content on the fileserver for processing.  First, verify the location for the object is correct.  To see this:
    1.  Find the referenced object in the Depot workspace
    2.  View the Depot Object's properties
    3.  View the LOCATION property (in the Full sub-section)
    4.  This will detail the fileserver location of the object, verify this is correct

    It could be the fileserver host or storage location is incorrect.  If the fileserver has changed recently, the fileserver change procedure needs to be executed for the references in TSSA reflect the new location.

    If the location is correct, but the content is missing there may be some other action which caused the data to be missing.  This could be:
    * user error and/or manual data deletion from the fileserver
    * past error with fileserver cleanup

    If the data can be restored from a backup, then the UMO Job can be re-run to process the Object's data.  Otherwise if missing the Object can no longer be used within TSSA.  If possible the object can be re-created as a new Depot Object.

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