Client Management: How to connect to the master using the Web console

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    BMC Client Management


    Client Management


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    I don't want to use the web start nor the heavy console, is there an alternative?

    How do I access to the web console?

    Are there any prerequisites to use the web console?


    The web console is accessible at the URL https://_YOUR_MASTER_:_YOUR_CONSOLE_PORT_/webconsole where _YOUR_MASTER_ is the master ip address or hostname and _YOUR_CONSOLE_PORT_ is most likely 1611.

    To login, select an account that exists as an administrator in BCM e.g:

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    To ensure the best performance, the BCM agent SSL certificate must be installed on the browser/system of the device on which the web console i being accessed. To set this up, follow this other knowledge article: Client Management: The web console is slow.

    This is available to OnDemand and On Premise customers.

    Note that not all functionalities that are available in the web start or heavy consoles have been implemented in the web console yet (12.9), it is possible to:
    - take control of devices
    - check their inventories
    - transfer files to or from agents

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