SRM creation with On-Behalf-Of

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    BMC Service Request Management


    BMC Service Request Management 8.1.02


    Use case :
    1. User A creates a Service Request on behalf of User B and saves it as draft.
    2. Now User B opens the draft and fills out the SR and then submits the SR.
    3. The user information of the requester are updated with the ones of user B, but Department and Organization are not updated.
    This problem occurs when having an Advanced Interface Form (With Backend Mapping) defined in the SRD.


    Step 1: Copy the fields Organization(Field ID : 1000000010) and Department(Field ID : 200000006) from ‘SRM:Request’ from
    And paste those fields on ‘SRS:AdvancedInterface_WithBackendMapping’ form and hide those.
    Step 2 : Import the def files attached.
    Step 3: Perform hard cache flush.

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