How Can I save my favourite SPUFI members in Catalog Manager ?

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    How Can I import the contents of my SPUFI pds member into Catalog Manager ?


    Catalog Manager provides an easy to use set of commands to create, edit, save, analyze and execute SQL (DML, DDL, DCL) statements, all without having to leave the comfort of Catalog Manager. This article assumes a working knowledge of this facility.

    But what if your favorite SQL is in SPUFI ?  How can you execute it without, split screen, invoking SPUFI, finding the PDS member you want, etc... etc...

    The answer is simply import that SPUFI member into Catalog Manager and then you can use it just like any other saved SQL member in Catalog Manager.

    The process for doing this involves using a sub-command that is used to list your saved members. The command is SQL and the sub-command is EDIT.

    This will invoke the ISPF editor and bring you into an ISPF edit session for the member you specified. And this is the trick. By specifying a new member name, that is,  one that does not exist in Catalog Manager, you will be presented with a blank screen to start "editing" your new member name as in below. The command is SQL EDIT MEMBERNAME in the Catalog Manager command line.

    Now all you need to do is simply type COPY in the command line and you can copy contents from your SPUFI PDS into Catalog Manager using ISPF edit and copy services. Once you have finished your editing, simply PF3 to save the new member in Catalog Manager. It is now available for use.
    Please review the attached document for some example screen shots.

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