Client Management: How to connect to the master using the Web start console - INCLUDES VIDEO

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    BMC Client Management - Master Server


    Client Management


    BMC Client Management (BCM) >=12.6 having the latest patch installed which includes new Web Start Package


    How to launch console using a Web start installer after installing latest hotfix on 12.6/7/8?
    The old JNLP console no longer works and want to know how new console can be launched?


    The web start console is the preferred console to connect to the master as it is updated automatically when the master is upgraded and as it also integrate the SSL certificates without no additional configuration.

    • Access the console webpage from any device which can communicate with the Master server over the network
    https://<Masterhostname or Master IP>:1611/console (The default console port is 1611. In case you have customized the ports then use the respective console port)  
    • Click 'Web Start Package' which will download an executable file to launch the console.
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    • The web start package is in the format of .exe (if used on Windows device). When you click on Web Start Package, it will detect the operating system and provide you with the appropriate web start package.
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    • A console shortcut will also be created on the desktop as it used to be for the legacy JNLP console so that you don't have to download this every time. (In case of certificate change, download new web start package as it includes the required certificates to communicate with master and database)
    It is also possible to install the heavy console but this console has to be uninstalled then reinstalled when the mater i updated. Also, at the first install and any time when the certificates are updated in the environment the certificates will have to be set manually in the console installation folder. More information in this KA:   Client Management: How to connect to the master using the heavy console


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