Client Management: How to improve Internet / DMZ / VPN communication and limit "Queue Full" messages on Relays

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    BMC Client Management


    Client Management


    BMC Client Management (BCM) <= 12.9 and most likely following


    Communications between my DMZ relay(s) and its/their children are unstable.

    My DMZ relay(s) ../log/mtxagent.log are full of "queue full" messages, how do I resolve this? What is causing the issue?

    How to set the DMZ relays to manage communications with its children better?

    How to set client to manage communications with the DMZ relay(s) better?


    Connections in the WAN are usually less stable than in the LAN and the default communication timeout settings are not optimized for this as an Out Of The Box


    The following has to be updated on DMZ relays because the communications in the WAN are less stable. It would most likely not apply to a master or a relay that have children in the LAN only. The reason is that it sets bigger timeouts to communications, implying that if a communication stops during a remote control as an example the disconnection will not be available for retry for a longer duration. This could have a negative impact in the LAN even if there are little chances it does.

    Parameters have to be modified both on the DMZ relay and its children.

    1- Manual settings:
    These are recommended parameters :

    1.1 On the relay:
    Go to ../client/config on a Windows Server relay, or to ../client/etc for linux and edit the following files:

      - Relay.ini set: 
    - mtxagent.ini set: 
    DefaultConnectTimeout=30               (Recommended value for WAN connection)  
    - HttpProtocoHandler.ini set: 
      MaxThreads=150                               (This is a maximum value) 
    - In Console.ini set: 

    1.2 On clients: 
    - Make sure the relevant relay selection mechanisms have been set on the clients configurations and on the rollout configurations used to deploy the clients - This is done in the files ../client/config/Relay.ini (Windows) / ../client/etc/Relay.ini (linux) and in Agent Configuration > Communication 
    - Go to ../client/config on a Windows Server relay, or to ../client/etc for linux and edit the following files:  
      - Relay.ini set: 
      ParentTunnel=1                                                      (Not mandatory in case of temporary connection to DMZ Relay)  
    ParentReselectInterval=3600                                 (Mandatory as soon as more than one mechanism is set to find out Relay)  
     - mtxagent.ini set: 
    DefaultConnectTimeout=30                                    (Recommended value for WAN connection)  

    2- Deploy the new configurations in mass: 
    Operational rules exports are attached to this Knowledge Article (KA). To import them, follow this KA:   Client Management: How to export and import objects in the console

    A- Windows 
    - The operational rule "Windows DMZ Relay parameters" must be assigned to relays: 

    User-added image

    - The operational rule "Windows Internet Clients parameters" must be assigned to clients: 

    User-added image

    B- linux: 
    - duplicate the operational rule "Windows Internet Clients parameters" and/or "Windows DMZ Relay parameters" in the console and rename it to "linux Internet Clients parameters" 
    - replace every "config" by "etc" in the path set in the steps configurations 

    There might be queue full messages in the logs because the relay has too many children:   Client Management: Check if the parent does not have too many children (queue full)


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