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    Remedy IT Service Management Suite


    Task Phase Management enabled; whenever a change has tasks that are completed; it cannot be returned to draft properly.


    Use case: In the change application task-phase-management is enabled. When a change has tasks that are completed, it cannot be returned to draft. How do instance ID's work with tasks? Does instance 1 determine the first time the change is ran through approvals?



    Working as designed


    This use case  is working as designed.  If you create a Change with Tasks in different Change phases, for example Review and Implementation phase and then you move the Change forward and complete the Tasks in the Review phase and then move the Change back to Draft you will need to recreate the completed Task.  The completed Tasks cannot be re-opened for auditing purposes. 

    There is a field on most forms, field ID 179, which represents the Instance ID.  When creating data in these forms the AR Server will generate the Instance ID value.  Also in some cases there is workflow that autogenerated the ID before the ticket is saved.  This is done in places that allow you to create child data before saving a ticket, which is done from mid-tier views.  Smart IT required you to create and save the parent record before creating child records.

    The instance ID is not related to approvals.  It just represents the number of instances the same Task Template and/or Task Group Template have been used for the given Change.  For example below there are 2 instances of the Task Group Template “MT TGT 100” and 3 instanced of the Task Template “Install Hard Drive”.

    Task in change

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