How to use Control-M for SAP 9.0.01 to continue processing upon failure in a multi-step job definition

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    Control-M for SAP


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    Control-M for SAP 9.0.01


    Some SAP jobs are defined with multiple steps within them.
    Is it possible when one step fails to continue onto the next step within the same job definition, until the job completes?


    Here's an example of the SAP job definition:

    The SAP job definition contains 3 steps. 
    The second step has an invalid SAP variant and fails to submit to step 2. 
    However the job needs to continue to step 3.

    This is resolved by setting the SAP parameter variable SAP-POF_STEP_OFFSET and enabling the option 'Rerun from point of failure' within the CM for SAP job definition.
    The SAP-POF_STEP_OFFSET parameter is set within the jobs variables section.

    Before the first run both 'Rerun from point of failure' must be checked and SAP-POF_STEP_OFFSET set to '+1'.
    Then, if the job fails and a rerun is performed, it will rerun from the next step after the failed step.





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