Track-It! 11.4 SP1 or SP2 Encryption Tool

Version 10
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    BMC Track-It! 11.4 SP1 R1 Only


    How to Encrypt and Decrypt the Password in Track-It! 11.4 SP1 R1?


    Please refer the attached TrackItEncryptionHelper Tool, which can be used to Encrypt & Decrypt the Password, and can also be used to generate the “AuthenticationToken” value which needs to be entered in the TrackIt.Core.DataAccess.XML.

    You need to Run the “TrackItEncryptionHelperUI” Application file after extracting the contents.
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    The Tool has 2 options added to it, which can be used for Encryption/Decryption Usage:-

    1. Old Standard: This uses the Old Static Encryption Key (before SP1).
    3. New Standard: This uses the Dynamic Token (TOKEN, TOKEN2) present in the Registry. (SP1 and SP1 R1).
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    Now, the Tool can be used for the following options:- 
             1.  Encrypt Password: Obtain Encrypted Hash value for the Actual Password Value.         

             2.   Decrypt Password: Obtain the Actual Password value from the Encrypted Hash value.   

             3.  Generate New Token: It Generates a new token values to be updated in the respective files as defined below:   
    1. Choose Old Standard radio button and then click on Generate New Token Button.
    3. The New token value needs to be updated in the TrackIt.Core.DataAccess.XML, against the “AuthenticationToken” value 
    5. You’ll get a “Legacy Token Value” which needs to be updated against the “RemoteKey” Value in the Trackit.cfg and the value of the TOKEN Registry Key under “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\BMC Software\Track-It!” needs to be updated with this value as well.After updating both these values, close the Encryption Tool.
    7. After performing the above 2 steps, you need to open the Tool again and Use the "New Standard" and “Encrypt Password” option and Encrypt the Password Values that you know exist for the 4 SQL Accounts for the Track-It Database.(Default value is TI_DB_P@ssw0rd)
    9. Enter this Encrypted Hash value in the Trackit.cfg and TrackIt.Core.DataAccess.XML.


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