How to disable Object Collection in APPTUNE for DB2

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    APPTUNE for DB2


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    How to disable Object Collection in APPTUNE for Db2



    If any entries in the active filter have Object data as a collection option then APPTUNE will monitor getpage requests. To disable this monitoring, follow these steps:

    • Select Administration from the main SQL Performance menu. Note: if you do not have an Administration option, you are not an APPTUNE administrator

    • Select 4 APPTUNE FILTERS

      User-added image 
    • Type E next to the filter that you want to change 
    User-added image  
    • Type S to expand the filter line and the S to expand the Collection Options

    • Update the filter to set Object data to N as below. This needs to be done for each row in the filter

    User-added image


    •  Issue the following command to implement the new settings and remove the object collection point

    APPFILT db2ssid filtername  

    The following message will be display in the DBC started task to show that Object Collection has been disabled

    BMC23037 DBCB Object collection stopping for DB2 db2ssid 



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