Remedy Smart Reporting How to Unlock a View Which is Locked by Inactive/Deleted User

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    User locked a View in Smart Reporting and his/her profile no longer exists. How to unlock the view which is locked by deleted user?


    To unlock the view, below are the possible ways available:

    1. Import the locked view from a working environment using import/export process:

    2. Enable the user D with which the view was locked and login to smart reporting with that user ID and unlock the view.

    3. Run update query on the Smart Reporting database.

    Find out the view ID by running below query on the smart reporting database:

    select * from ReportView where BusinessDescription Like '%View Name%' and Status = 'LOCKED'

    Update ReportView Set Status = 'OPEN' where ViewID = 'xxxx'

    Restart the smart reporting service to take the changes effect.

    Note: Before running update query, it is recommended to take database backup. In case something goes wrong with the update command, database can be restored.

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