TrueSight Server Automation (TSSA): Adjusting the TSSA Console Job Polling Interval to reduce traffic between Console and Application Servers

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    The TrueSight Server Automation (TSSA) Console polls the Application Server in order to get an updated view of the status of currently-running jobs.
    This data is displayed in the Tasks in Progress view.

    The default polling interval is every 30 seconds which means that each console will poll the Application Server for Job Run information every 30 seconds.

    This can result in significant traffic being sent between the TSSA Application Servers and Console.

    If a user is working remotely and is more interested in the performance of the TSSA Console than the contents of the Tasks in Progress pane, how can the value of the polling interval be adjusted?


    The default value used by each Console is set on the Application Server side via a blasadmin setting.

    See the following documentation for details:

    In environments where there are many consoles installed across remote locations, increasing the ConsoleTaskPollingInterval value to a value greater than the default (30 seconds) is recommended in order to reduce the job polling traffic.

    Individual consoles can be configured to override the default by editing the "job polling interval" value of the console preferences as documented here:

    If the default polling interval is 30 seconds, but one user wants to change their console's polling interval to, say, 180 seconds, they can use this 'job polling interval" setting to do so.

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