Discovery: How to find hosts whose identity has changed, and delete these in Discovery and CMDB

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    BMC Discovery


    BMC Discovery 11.3


    BMC Discovery



    If Discovery determines that the characteristics of a host node have changed significantly, a new host node is created. See

    In the UI, the message "The endpoint used to discover this Host now corresponds to a different Host" appears. The old host will eventually age out according to the aging parameters set in the system. See

    This means that for some period of time, both old and new host nodes exist in the CMDB.

    Is it possible to identify and manually destroy such old host nodes, and then synchronize the deletion to the CMDB?





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    To identify these old hosts, use the report "Devices with Endpoint Identity Change".

    If continuous sync is enabled for CMDB, select all in the report results and then select Actions > Destroy. A delete record will be sent to the CMDB, and the old host CI will be marked as deleted in CMDB. 

    If continuous sync is not enabled, save a list of the hosts before destroying them. Then run the following query to all destroyed hosts:

    Search FLAGS(include_destroyed, exclude_current) Host show name,friendlyTime(destructionTime(#)

    Select the hosts from the saved list and then Actions > Sync with CMDB. 



    The hosts that are now identified as other hosts can be listed with the following query:


       search Host where nodecount(traverse Previous:EndpointIdentity:Next:Host)



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