Post installation of Track-It! 20.xx, the BMC Client Management Agent service does not remain started or is stopped.

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    Track-It! 2020 R1


    Track-It! 20.xx


    Post installation of Track-It! 20.xx, the BMC Client Management Agent service does not remain started or is stopped.
    This happens because the Tablespaces for the TI_BCM database are not created during the installation.


    SQL Database compatibility issues in some customer environments



    1. Open SQL Server Management Studio and connect to the SQL instance where you have installed the Track-It! database.
    2. Expand Databases and find the DB called TI_BCM. Expand the tables folder and you will notice that the tables are missing.
    3. Delete the database called TI_BCM. Also delete the 'bcmdbuser' login from the Security -> Logins folder
    4. Right-Click on the Databases folder and create a new database called TI_BCM. See How to create SQL Database
    5. Download the Create_TS.sqlserver.sql  file and edit it. Replace the SQL installation path i.e. C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL14.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\DATA with your local SQL path. Save the file.
    6. After the database is created in step 4, run the Create_TS.sqlserver.sql  script against the newly created database.
    7. Run the following query against the TI_BCM database.

    exec sp_change_users_login
            @Action = 'Auto_Fix',
            @UserNamePattern = 'bcmdbuser',
            @LoginName = null,
            @Password ='Bcmuser@06'
    8. On the Track-It! application server, edit the Vision64Database.ini file from C:\Program Files\BMC Software\Client Management\Master\config
     ; The user id to use for loggin on to the DBMS.
    ; The clear text password to use with the user login. If supplied, this
    ; gets encrypted and stored as PasswordEnc. The Password field is then
    ; deleted.
    ; If true, we drop our current connection if there's an SQL error on
    ; it. If false, we handle the error by printing the status but then keep the
    ; connection.
    ; Comma-separated list of prioritary operations to perform.
    ; Possible values can include: SoftwareInventory, HardwareInventory, CustomInventory
    ; or EventManagerEvent
    ; If true, assignment are sent in a pre-5.2 compatible way
    ; Used to define the maximum number of Retry and the gap between each of them,
    ; should the connection to the database be unavailable
    PasswordEnc=<Must be blank>

    9. Start the BMC Client management Agent Service.  Monitor the mtxagent.log file to verify the new database connection is working properly.
    Note: On Service Startup, Password= value in clear text will be read, encrypted, and the configuration file updated to remove the value for Password= and store the Encrypted Password in the PasswordENC= entry.
    10. At this point the service should remain started and the missing tables will be created in the TI_BCM database.
    11. If the BMC Client Management configuration show Red in color then follow article Could not connect to the BMC Client Management server occurs while configuring Track-It! 20.xx BMC Client Management

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