Receiving "App Visibility Portal is already registered with another Presentation Server" message when trying to register App Visibility Portal on a new TrueSight Presentation Server (TSPS) server

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    App Visibility Portal - all versions TrueSight Presentation Server (TSPS) - all versions



    An App Visibility Portal is already registered with a TSPS server.  
    The same TSPS server was decommissioned, and is no longer in service.
    A new TSPS server (same version number) was installed, and when trying to add the existing App Visibility Portal in the new TSPS console, the user receives the following message:

    "App Visibility Portal is already registered with another Presentation Server"



    The App Visibility Portal was never removed from the old TSPS console before it was decommissioned so the App Visibility Portal still had the old TSPS information.



    For TSPS 11.0 and Older:


    Perform the following steps to re-register the existing App Visibility Portal with the new TSPS server:
    Step 1) From a web browser, go to the following App Visibility Portal URL:


    where <App_Visibility_Portal_hostname> is the name of the App Visibility Portal
    Step 2) Enter the credentials for the App Visibility Portal console
    Step 3) Click the link called TSPS Integration
    Step 4) In the ‘TSPS Integration’ web page, delete all of the information in the field boxes, and then click the Submit button
    Step 5) In the ‘TSPS Host’ field, enter the new TSPS server FQDN
    Step 6) In the ‘TSPS Port’ field, enter 443 or 8080
    Step 7) In the ‘TSPS Protocol’ field, enter https
    Step 8) In the 'Tenant' field, enter the tenant/realm name
    Step 9) Click the Submit button
    Step 10) From the new TSPS console, user can register the App Visibility Portal

    For TSPS 11.3.01 and Higher:

    To register the App Visibility portal to the new TSPS server or if the user is moving an App Visibility portal from one TSPS system to another.

    Please perform the following steps:
    1. User only needs to delete the App Visibility Portal from the current TSPS system.
    2. Then add it to the new TSPS system. 
    Note: There is No need to go to Portal Console and change anything.

    Note: User can use App Visibility Portal Console for cross checking the details of TSPS in the TSPS Integration Tab.


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