All BMC Products - How to download product and.or maintenance files using HTTPS services when FTP or FTPS is not available

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    All BMC Products


    How to download BMC product and/or maintenance files using HTTPS services when FTP or FTPS is not available.




    Some customer environments have strict restrictions preventing the use of FTP or FTPS transmission protocols.  Customers in this situation must use HTTPS for software delivery.  Use the steps shown to get these files:

    Secure software delivery site:


    Secure software delivery site Credentials:

    Use the logon credentials that are documented on BM Support for ESD FTP.


    Downloads & Products
    Mainframe Installation
    Click link for FTP - ESD Sites


    OZI Installation System and Decompression JCL:

    Click the bmc folder
    Click the esd folder
    Click the ozi folder

    Choose the noted images for the OZI 3.11.00 installation system and decompression JCL.  Download.

    inst_dcmp_sample_jcl.txt       <-- notice text file
    bmcozi-v31100-image.bin        <-- notice binary file

    Once the OZI installation system has been decompressed, use the installation system clist BMCINSTL to begin Product Install (SMPE)

    OZI Installation System Product Install (SMPE):

    Complete the panel dialogs for Product Installation:

    BMIPPRJE                        Execute Project                             
    Command ===>                                                                
    Project Name . . . project-name                                                
    Description  . . . project-description                                  
    JCL Data Set . . . hlq-dataset-prefix.INSTALL.JCL                                
    Select one of the following installation actions:                           
         1. Select Products, Solutions, or Infrastructure                       
         2. Set SMP/E Data Set High Level Qualifiers                            
         3. Set SMP/E Data Set Allocation Values                                
         4. Set Installation Job Values and FTP Options                         
         5. Generate and Execute Installation Batch Jobs                        
    Select one of the following configuration actions:                          
         1. Set Runtime Data Set High Level Qualifiers                          
         2. Set Runtime Data Set Allocation Values                              
         3. Set Selected Product or Component Values                            
         4. Set Configuration Job Values                                        
         5. Generate and Execute Configuration Batch Jobs                       
         6. Multiple SSID install for DB2 Products only (optional)             


    Completion of this top section generates the $1nnxxxx series SMPE jobs.

    Product Install Job - $103DWNL:

    Because FTP and FTPS are restricted for use, the product and maintenance files must be downloaded using HTTPS services.  Use the $103DWNL job, FTPSTEP jobstep to identify what image files are required for the install.

    Product and Maintenance Images:

    Click the bmc folder
    Click the esd folder
    Click the ozi folder
    Click the ga folder

    Choose the images for the products and service (maintenance).  Following is a sample of the files that might need to be downloaded.  This sample does not reflect the products for your site nor is a full representation of the image files that are required.

    bmcacm-v12100-smp-image.bin          <--notice binary file

    Download these files to your PC and upload to the mainframe.  This replaces the requirement to download these files using job $103DCMP.

    Product Install Job - $104DCMP:

    The downloaded files must now be decompressed.  Create a copy of $104DCMP; $104.  Modify $104 to use the dataset names used during upload to the mainframe.

    After this job is successful, continue using the $1##xxxx job series in sequence.


    Please contact BMC Support or the Sales Consultant for assistance, if required.



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